Saturday, April 11, 2009

What is Europe (Turkey member EU)?

Today there is much discussion about whether or not Turkey should be allowed to be a member of the European Union. In my humble opinion they should, because: - Historically the area has always been European. The ancient Greeks lived over there, followed by the Romans and the Byzantines. - The fact that the main religion is the Islam should not be an obstacle, why should we judge people on their religious believes? There is a strict separation between church and state in Turkey, even stricter than in most of the western European states. - There is (I hope) no doubt about the europeannes of Armenia and Georgia, in language and religion they look a lot like the western European states, and they share the same history. Making Turkey a member makes it much easier to make Armenia and Georgia member as well, otherwise they are too far away (take in mind that Ukraine not even a candidate member is yet).

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