Friday, July 10, 2009


At present there are troubles with the Uyghur people in Chinese Turkestan. China conquered this area some time ago and is now colonizing it (like they are doing with Tibet). Colonization is so 19th century...

China seems to be a large country, but in fact is a lot smaller. Like the old Soviet Union, China has conquered large states at her borders. When we subtract these from present day China we see the real form and shape of China. These states are:
  • Tibet
  • East Turkestan
  • Inner Mongolia
  • South Manchuria*
* Everybody knows about Tibet and to a lesser extent Turkestan. But South Manchura is not so well known. It has been split between Russia and China in 1860. In this map present day Russian Manchuria has been shaded light blue.

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  1. 1860? That's during the opium war. Do not mix up the time line. Go and take of look of the map of Qing dynasty and you will know that Qing(or China)sold some of the territories to Russia.


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