Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maude Fealy

Her mother, Margaret Fealy, was a stage actress and head of an acting school in Denver for 25 years, once having Douglas Fairbanks as a pupil. From an early age, Maude would occasionally appear with her mother on stage. Maude was an aspiring actress and was coached by her mother. A young Douglas Fairbanks also spent time training with Margaret.

She played in numerous children’s roles until the age of ten, when she left theatre to attend the academy in Memphis. At this time, her mother opened an acting school, so that she could retire from the stage while Maude pursued her education.

She went on to work in some of the great theatres of the world, and eventually worked with Cecil B. DeMille in Hollywood. Considered one of the foremost actresses of her time, she came back to Denver in the later years.


  1. Maude Fealy is without doubt one, if not the most beautiful actress of her age, I have to bite my tongue but she even out shines Gabrielle Ray. Here are some more images of her from my collection http://summertime75.wordpress.com/category/maude-fealy-2/

  2. Their beauty is different. It is indeed hard to read a picture, as you describe elegantly in the about-text on your Gabrielle Ray site.


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