Saturday, January 8, 2011

never crowned heir to the thrown: prince Nicholas Romanov

Nicholas (Nikolai) Alexandrovich Romanov was born in 1843. He was the eldest son of tsar Nicholas I of Russia. Dutch queen Anna Paulowna, his great-aunt, was one of his godmothers. When his father became tsar in 1855 he became the tsarevich, the crown prince.

He was a gifted, attractive young man, trained by the finest tutors available in the expectation he would one day succeed his father. He was the first member of the Russian royal family whose interest in photography has been documented.

In the summer of 1864 he became engaged to princess Dagmar of Denmark. Early 1865 his health quickly turned for the worst, and in April 1865 he died, probably of TBC. Dagmar ended up marrying his brother...

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  1. I only just saw this post, it's interesting how these 'prospective' brides can just move on to the next in line :)


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