Monday, April 26, 2010

Man & Two Wives

A man and his two wives? ± 1850, 6th plate.


  1. Very interesting photo from another age.

    Moses had two wives. Zipporah and an Ethiopian woman. How they felt about this arrangement is not recorded in the Bible, but I'm sure they couldn't handle the fact that he was sharing his body with another woman. Love is based on exclusivity. The key to intimacy is how two people become one. When a man wins a woman's love, she entrusts herself to him. And of course he aspires to be worthy of this responsibility. Thus, a woman empowers her husband. Men and women were designed to complement each other, not to compete or fight. Sex between a man and a woman should be the most intimate of things. A couple who truly love each other and are committed will bring the most joyous child into the world. The child will also grow up knowing that his parents are in love with life and love each other. It is also possible to stay loyal to the one person for your entire life. The crucial bit is the courtship and how many tests and trials both people have been through before they really commit to each other.

    So Moses was lucky in one way but actually unfulfilled at the same time !

    A woman with two husbands ? Same deal. Won't work. And when people have affairs it shows that the love is gone. Betrayal of trust is a killer. Open marriages are bullshit as well.

    Adam Neira
    Melbourne, Australia

  2. two wives or wive and sister ??? the woman on the left look like to be the sister for me... there's something similar with the man.

  3. I admit, after looking at their eyes, it could be his sister. But never kill a juicy story with dull facts :-)

  4. Their left eyebrows are very similar- I vote siblings.


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