Saturday, June 12, 2010

Amersfoort Day !

Amersfoort gained its city rights at June 12, 1259. The charter stated the right to have a market, propose taxes and build a city wall. Map by Joan Blaeu, 1649. Click for a huge enlargement...

photos (summer)photos (winter)


  1. Happy Amersfoort Day, Rob! Does the town celebrate in any particular way?

  2. What a wonderful old map! I googled Joan Blaeu and was amazed to see the extent of his work as a cartographer. Also, for fun, I looked up the google map for comparison. Its incredible how accurate he was ( and how much of the old city has been maintained ). You live in a beautiful place Rob!

  3. We flag! Thanks Mary, that map is still pretty accurate indeed. I'm sure that where you live ain't that bad either.


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