Thursday, February 9, 2012

Group of 6 soldiers

Group of 6 soldiers during the Crimean War. They have made a tripod with their rifles.

Due to the size and cumbersome nature of his photographic equipment, Fenton was limited in his choice of motifs. And because of the not very photosensitive material of his time (1855), he was only able to produce pictures of unmoving objects, mostly posed pictures.

Here is color picture of a group of people who are reenacting this periodl the so-called 'Diehard Company':

Members of the Diehard Company reenacting 57th and 77th Regiments.

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  1. front of the tripod of the photographer :-)

  2. Another great photo, Rob, but what do you suppose the object is underneath the stacked rifles?

  3. Two tripods facing each other, that must have been an interesting sight. I don't know what's underneath the tripod, looks like a hat on top of a bag with food (or a secret weapon)?


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