Saturday, August 6, 2011

British private in full marching order

British private in full marching order, in front of tent, with rifle, canteen, knapsack, and other equipment during the Crimean War (Roger Fenton, 1855). Note how the tops of the tents were painted red.

I've found a color picture of a group of people who are reenacting this period. They call themselves the 'Diehard Company'.

A member of the Diehard Company.

Notice the strange thing at the top of his hat. And did they forget the make the top of their tent red?

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  1. I really appreciate reenactors. Some people here make fun of them or criticize them for glorifying the South (in the case of the Civil War). I think we learn a lot about the times by what they do.

    The style of tent they used is interesting to me. It looks like it is half tent and half teepee!

  2. I agree, when people reenact something they often can learn more about the event then academics who only study books.

    The tent looks like a wigwam euh tipi indeed.

  3. a splendid picture. the reenacting thing is useful as it keeps history alive. some folks don't ever take a book in their hands. this should grab their attention, but would they understand the context?

    oh well...

  4. According to their website they have just returned from a field trip to the Crimea, so at least they gave it a try. Reenacting something at the actual historical location will help in trying to grasp a bit of the context.

  5. I agree, reenacting can be a great help in understanding history. There was a fun book a few years ago about history, reenacting, and the modern American South called "Confederates in the Attic," by Tony Horwitz. I'd recommend it.


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