Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Historical Atlas of Central Europe

Eastern Europe 1910 (left) and 2000 (right) (Paul Robert Magocsi)

Cover of the book by Paul Robert Magocsi: 'Historical Atlas of Central Europe, From The Early Fifth Century to The Present' (Thames & Hudson,  2002 revised edition). For lovers of historical maps absolutely astonishing, since all the maps are on the same scale, so they can be compared very easily with each other.

For instance click on the picture for enlargement. At the left side the situation in 1910, at the right side the situation in 2000. It shows among others the collapse of the Austria-Hungary, German, Russian and Ottoman empires.


  1. Only the lines between Denmark and Sweden and between Bulgaria and Romania remained the same, in both maps.

  2. Well spotted. It's remarkable how many borders have changed.

  3. And how many people killed for those changes.


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