Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Long-nosed Monkey

The Long-nosed monkey (AKA Proboscis monkey) lives in Borneo. Only 5000 are left. An Indonesian nickname is Dutch Monkey since the Dutch colonisers often also had a large belly and nose. They can swim very well.

wildfact (source: BBC):
Proboscis monkeys have the longest noses of all primates. In elderly animals, it can reach 17.5cm (a quarter of the body length). Although its function is not known for sure, it is likely to be a visual signal used in mate choice. The male vocalises through the nose with a kee honk sound.


  1. That monkey looks like Jimmy Durante!

    Rob, what a nice blog you have. I always enjoy learning more about the world of the Dutch. I wasn't expecting a Dutch animal connection. What a pleasant surprise. Thanks.


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