Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jérôme Bonaparte

Jerome Bonaparte (1784-1860) was the youngest brother of Napoleon. First he married the beautiful Elizabeth Patterson, but this marriage was annulled by Napoleon. Their descendants still live under the name Bonaparte in the US.

He was made king of Westphalia and married Catharina of Württemberg, the daughter of the king of Württemberg, in a marriage arranged by Napoleon. Jérôme's expensive habits earned him the contempt of Napoleon. After Napoleons resignation Catharina and Jérôme stayed together. They had two sons and one daughter.

When his nephew, Prince Louis Napoleon, became President of the French Republic in 1848, Jérôme served in several official roles, amongst others president of the Senate.


  1. Actually, the last American Bonaparte died in 1945. Jerome Napoleon Charles Bonaparte (1878-1945) died in New York City, breaking his neck after tripping over a dog leash in Central Park.


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