Saturday, April 23, 2011

passed on financees: princess Mary of Teck

Princess Mary of Teck shortly before her marriage in 1893

On December 3rd, 1891 Albert Victor, the heir to the British throne, proposed to Mary of Teck. The wedding was set for February 27th, 1892. But he fell ill with influenza in the great pandemic of 1889–92 and died on January 14th, 1892.

The family of the Prince of Wales in 1889. From left to right: Albert Victor, Maud, Alexandra, Edward, Louise, George and Victoria of Wales.

The following year she became engaged to Albert Victor's brother, the new heir, the future king George V! In 1893 they married and she became queen in 1911.

The wedding at Buckingham Palace in 1893. From left to right, back: Alexandra, Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein, Victoria of Edinburgh, George, Victoria of Wales and Maud. Front: Alice, Beatrice, Margaret, Mary, Victoria of Battenberg, Victoria Patricia of Connaught. 
Another royal passed on fiancee: Princess Dagmar of Denmark.

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