Thursday, June 2, 2011

Group of the 71st Regiment

Group of the 71st Regiment (1855)

Roger Fenton was sent to the Crimean War as the first official war photographer at the insistence of Prince Albert. The photographs produced were to be used to offset the aversion of the British people to an unpopular war, and to counteract the antiwar reporting of The Times. The photographs were to be converted into woodblocks and published in the less critical Illustrated London News,  published in book form, and displayed in a gallery. Fenton therefore avoided making pictures of dead, injured or mutilated soldiers.

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  1. I love their plaid trousers! I used to live in North Carolina where they have a high school named after this regiment.

  2. There are some photos I wish were in color.

  3. I noticed the sabers before, and the hats, but not the trousers. I hope they are deterring the enemy :-). I guess the colors would have been very bright.


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