Saturday, June 18, 2011

Waterloo Day

The Lion’s Mound; a large artificial hill raised on the battlefield  to commemorate the battle of Waterloo (photo RfA).

Waterloo Day is June 18, the date of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. After this decisive battle there was peace in Europa for nearly 100 years. Until WWI this day was celebrated through the whole of Europe every year.

Since the French occupation of Holland ended in 1813 the centennial celebration in 1913 was larger than usual. Unfortunately a year after WWI started, followed by WWII, and nowadays nobody remembers this day.

Group in historical costume celebrating Waterloo Day in Amersfoort, in the middle Napoleon, 1913 (source).

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  1. I really like the old picture of folks in costume. The artifical mound is probably quite fun to climb up and see the view. It bothers me though. My first thought was about how much historical treasure and information was lost! They are still finding canon balls and materials from the Civil War in Virginia farm fields.

  2. How interesting and how sad. World War I has got to be one of the most stupid wars ever fought.

    Thanks for another celebratory day, Rob! I notice that four of the women are wearing nearly identical outfits. Were they portraying someone?

    Oh, I forgot to ask the other day, do they do anything for Amersfoort Day? Perhaps reenacting the boulder pulling or maybe just a lot of beer and pretzels?

  3. I climbed the Lion's Mound some years ago; you just see some hills and meadows. Knowing a lot of young men died there makes it impressive.

    At Amersfoort Day bands are playing all over town. The reenacting of the boulder pulling is abolished some decades ago because the governing elite decided it was not highbrow enough...


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