Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daguerreotype 9th plate

This is one of the most beautiful daguerreotypes I possess. The dag is a 9th plate, this implies a size of 2 x 2.5 inches (5 x 6 cm). The picture dates from around 1850.

This is one of my favorite Daguerreotypes. Very small though very detailed.


  1. This is a beautiful image! Do you know who she might be? Also, do you know what the item hanging from the front of her dress is? Is it a watch perhaps?

  2. For me it's the cut of the dress that's so interesting - rather unusual.

  3. Unfortunately I don’t know who she is. These photographs often show lots of special jewelry. The dress is beautiful indeed, with the special sharp edged top. I don't think it's a watch, I guess it's a special pin. Hopefully I'll meet an expert someday and he/she will be able to tell me. Once I visited a daguerreotype exposition in Rotterdam, but their pictures weren't as good as mine, so I was a bit disappointed.

  4. I have a daguerreotype of young women with the same object around their necks. Someone told me they were mechanical pecils.

  5. I just took a tour through your blog. I really enjoyed it. I'll be back.

  6. A mechanical pencil, interesting! It indeed can be a chatelaine (a set of short chains on a belt worn by women and men for carrying keys, thimble and/or sewing kit, etc.).


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