Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Königsberg & Kaliningrad

Königsberg (top) & Kaliningrad (bottom)

Königsberg was renamed Kaliningrad by the Russinas in 1946 after Soviet leader Mikhail Kalinin.

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  1. It is really sad to see the destruction that war brings to beautiful things.

  2. It's incredible how the city was completely remade (for the worse).

  3. It's fascinating to see how the Soviets completely messed up the place. Like removing the total German population and replacing them with Russians wasn't bizarre enough.

  4. Just to complete Your interesting report, I invite You to mt blog, where I did set an old map of Königsberg together with the present Google map of Kaliningrad.
    The Soviets erased anything (look at the castle, the city hall, the hospitals, the post office etc.). The only remaining of the past, in the names, I noted the previous "Wagner Strasse" today "Ulitsa Vagnera".
    Irony of the destiny, those Russians now living in the Kalinigradskaya Oblast (Region) are like in prison. They are completely surrounded by the European Union (with long queues at the borders with Lithuania and Poland) and Moscow seems truly very far.
    I think that the evolution of the situation of Kaliningrad (willing of authonomy?) is the greatest "open point" in our continent.
    Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy.

  5. Thank you, it's nice to hear from our Estonian friends! Italy isn't that bad either. I've read the article, interesting map indeed. I've heard that some German manhole covers can be found in Kaliningrad, but that's all that is left of Königsberg...

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  7. There is still a lot of old Königsberg buildings left in Kaliningrad. Some have suffered from renovations to make them more Soviet.The Kaliningrad City Hall and Albertina University buildings, for example. Others were demolished to make the broad Leninskii Prospekt. The Postamt and at least two churches suffered this fate. The old Reichspost building next to the Yuzhnii Voksal remiains and is used by the Russian Post. Outside of the center are many old German houses. Here and there are a few German fire hydrants, still functioning.

    In the future, I think the region will be brought into the EU under special circumstances.

  8. A rare trace of Königsberg, in modern Kaliningrad, can be seen here

  9. If You have some curiosity more, at this link
    I've written the names of all important geographic names of the Eastern Baltic coast. You can find either Königsberg or Kaliningrad in Italian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, German, Polish and Russian.
    Probably all Eastern Baltic coast is the area who "changed the owner" too many times in the latest centuries...


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