Thursday, August 18, 2011

Operation Gertrud

Operation Gertrud (or Gertrude) was the code name of the invasion plan for Turkey by Nazi Germany, the idea began forming in the beginning of the summer of 1942. 
The idea was that in 1943, after the Blitzkrieg, the Soviets would have been almost destroyed or withdrawn to the far East. Armenia and Georgia would then gain their independence. When the oil of Baku would be in the hands of Germans, Armenian and Georgian armies from East, and Bulgarian, Greek and German armies from Greece and Bulgaria would invade Turkey. The project was abandoned because of the rapid advance of the Red Army in the Caucasus region, and the Allied landings in Sicily.

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  1. What an ambitious plan. I'm supposing that it would have relied heavily on airborne operations. I'm glad it was never realized, but if the Germans had been successful, I wonder what post-war Turkey would have been like, Stalin would have certainly made a play to control it.



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