Thursday, October 20, 2011

Casper van Wittel - View of Naples

Casper van Wittel: View of Naples, ca 1700/1710. Casper, also called  Jasper van Wittel, used a camera obscura when painting his city scapes.

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  1. Early photography benefitted from the camera obscura at St. Sulpice cathedral in Paris. I looked for it when I was there but failed to find it.

  2. I only know the St. Sulpice from the Da Vinci Code. If someone would have been smart enough to mix some already existing chemicals they could have made photographs in the 17th century easily.

  3. Rob, I never thought about it that way. Imagine what could have been recorded! I'm enjoying just thinking of what might have been. I imagine you would have enjoyed a few photos of New Amsterdam from the pre-photo days.

  4. Or a photo of Vermeer painting the girl with a pearl. Or Washington and Jefferson declearing the independence. Maybe Leonardo Da Vinci already experimented with photography, he described the camera obscura in his notebooks in 1490.


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