Thursday, December 1, 2011


The Schreierstoren at the Prins Hendrikkade in Amsterdam, by Eduard Alexander Hilverdink (1846 - 1891), 23 x 32 cm. Build around 1487, the Schreierstoren used to be part of the first city wall. It's the sole surviving defense tower of Amsterdam.

present day situation

From this site Henry Hudson started his famous trip to explore America on behalve of the Dutch in 1609.

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  1. Based on these pictures, it would seem that the greatest change for the Dutch has been the invention of the bicycle.

  2. Yes, lots of bikes in Amsterdam. But the real problem is that, unfortunately, they decided to build a large monumental railway station over here, which spoiled the seaside view completely.

  3. I love these time comparisons you provide!


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