Thursday, November 10, 2011

A touch of Dutch

If you want to have some insight in the cultural differences between the Dutch and the US you could take a look at this overview made by an ex American expat in the Netherlands. For instance this fun fact: did you know that in Holland the cows say 'Boo' instead of 'Moo'?  

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  1. Thanks Rob. I sent this one to my sister-in-law who lived in Delft for a few years. Over hear people say boo when they want to scare someone. I hope your cows aren't just being mean.

  2. Reading through the list makes me want to try some Dutch coffee. I have only visited England and France, but have the same impression regarding architecture in Europe. There is very little opportunity to see the history in our buildings here, especially on the west coast where I live. There is some historical architecture on east coast. My daughter is in school in Baltimore. The houses, particularly in the harbor area are quite old for this country, and visiting there gives one a sense of "place".

  3. @Nate: Delft is a nice, old city! Although it is not as nice as Amersfoort of course :-)
    @ Mary: Baltimore looks beautiful indeed! It is not a high profile city, ie I never read or hear something about Baltimore.

  4. And never forget that some important endonyms in New York City (by the way, Niew-Amsterdam in the beginning) come from the Netherlands: Harlem (from Haarlem) and Brooklyn (from Breukelen), for instance.

  5. Yes, I'm fully aware. Flatlands, now a part of Brooklyn (Breukelen), used to be called New Amersfoort. One day I'll make an extensive website covering all aspects of the Dutch colonization of America. But now I seem to lack the time for it somehow.


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