Saturday, December 10, 2011

Captain Lord Balgonie

Alexander Leslie-Melville, Viscount Balgonie (1831 – 1857) was a British soldier. He held the title of Lord Balgonie as a courtesy title; he was the eldest son of David Leslie-Melville, 8th Earl of Leven, 7th Earl of Melville. 

He served in the Grenadier Guards, and died in 1857 as a result of hard campaigning in the Crimean War. Notice the shabby clothes and the look of dispair. One of the finest portraits of Roger Fenton, 1855.

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  1. Yes, you can see the working soldier in this shot.

  2. I agree. A great portrait. He is so natural in the setting.
    Actually, except for the hat, he looks a lot like someone I knew in college.


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