Saturday, April 28, 2012

Casper van Wittel - The Castel Sant'Angelo from the South

Casper van Wittel: The Castel Sant'Angelo from the South (1690s).

Casper (Jasper) Adriaenszoon van Wittel (Amersfoort 1653 – Rome 1736) is one of the most important founders of the so called vedute; the art of painting cityscapes.

p.s. this painting looks a lot like this.

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  1. Born as "Hadrian's mole", the "Castel of the Holy Angel" is one of the fewest buildings of the ancient Rome survived in Rome-city after the barbarity of the Pope's Kingdom (728-1870).
    During the Middle Age the Popes destroyed almost all the ancient buildings to make new churches or private buildings.
    The Castle of the Holy Angel and the Pantheon resisted just because they were transformed into religious buildings "ex toto".

    1. I've visited the Castel Sant'Angelo a few years ago. It is a strange building; it's a mix between a fortress and a mausoleum.


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