Monday, April 30, 2012

Queen's Day

The Museumplein (museum square), the Van Gogh Museum is visible at the left.

Today is Queen's Day in The Netherlands. At Queen's Day, or in Dutch: Koninginnedag (try to pronounce that) we celebrate the birthday of our queen Beatrix. Although in fact it's her mothers birthday, her own birthday is in January when it's way too cold to do things outdoor (except skating).

It seems like the whole nation dresses up in orange (one of the surnames of the queen is 'from Orange') and visits Amsterdam. Since I don't like large crowds, and I have no desire to witness the annual massive train congestion first hand, I stay at home with the cat.

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  1. Happy Queen's Day, Rob! That's a lot of orange!

    1. It sure is. Nationalism is a dirty word in The Netherlands, except on Queen's day and when we win an important soccer match. Of course when they loose all orange coloring is gone.

  2. Long live tre Queen. Long live the House of Orange-Nassau!

    1. Don't get overexcited :-). Remember we started out as the proud Republic of the United Netherlands...

  3. Wow, that looks like fun. I don't think I have a single orange-colored piece of clothing in my closet. I guess I'd have to buy something.

  4. It's really fascinating seeing that big crowd and all people are dresses up in orange. It would be great to experience this kind of event. (^_^)


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