Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back Garden Ruined by Zeppelin

During WW1 several zeppelins were shot down over the UK. This provided 
Mrs. Lewis and family an opportunity for a nice group photo in September 1916 (The Nationaal Archief, The Hague).

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  1. Very cool picture! I love that they got the whole family out to pose in front of it!

  2. That would be a bit too close to the house for comfort for me!

  3. Probably came down at night. It must have been a wild site to see!

  4. Pse see my tweet to you for another backyard landing.

  5. The people posing in front of the photographer probably reaceived a lot of money from Zeppelin's insurance :-)

  6. Hey, Rob, favor, can you help me figure out how to add the "Pin It" button next to the other social network buttons right before the comments. I have been trying for over an hour and am losing my mind! What am I missing?

    1. I'm working on a series of blog tips so I'll include this as well.

  7. That was the original Led Zeppelin --

  8. In the village I grew up in there was an old lady called Zeppelina (yes, really!), named after the one that crashed next to the family home just before she was born. Wonder if that happened a lot?!


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