Monday, June 18, 2012

Waterloo Day! - Wexy the Horse

Wexy on the move for an exhibition in 2005 (source)

Today is Waterloo Day. Sadly, the battle off Waterloo is no longer commemorated in The Netherlands.

During the battle the son of the future Dutch king, Willem, was slightly wounded by a gun shot. His horse Wexy was fatally wounded. However, Wexy is still in our midst, he has been stuffed and now resides in the Royal Stables in The Hague.

Unfortunately our Queen likes to maintain her privacy so the stables are closed for public.

At Waterloo, the location is marked by a monumental mound.

Wexy, now over 200 years old
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  1. Wexy has the last laugh; there he is preserved for posterity, when his master (presumably) is entombed somewhere and only memorialised in a portrait.

  2. Wow. Honoring by preservation. Another interesting post; you are answering all of these questions of "I wonder whatever happened to ..."

    Kathy M.


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