Monday, July 30, 2012


before the war

after the war

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  1. The 'before' picture has a character that the 'after' shot will never have.

  2. War robs us of so much. Proof of that is here.....!

  3. All those lovely houses gone!

  4. Those Soviets buildings in the background, all equal, all "cloned"...
    A real problem for inhabitants coming back home in the night and drunk... how may they recognize their own houses?

    @Little Nell - Those "lovely houses", already damaged in 1945, had been completely destroyed in the last period of Brezhnev's age (1980s)

  5. It could have be great if those houses would still be there after the war. So sad that it didn't. :(

  6. Hello there, Rob, and thank You for Your comment at "Kaliningrad tornerà ad essere Königsberg?".
    I am totally agreed with you. Russians should give Kaliningrad a Russian name. I propose Короля Гора (=Korolya Gora, meaning "Mount of the King", as well as "Königsberg"), because if they would give Kaliningrad "the previous name", there will be a domino effect in all that area: Sovetsk should be Tilsit, Gusev would be Gumbinnen, Baltijsk would be Pillau etc.
    All good wishes. Have a Merriest Christmas and a New Year 2013 where today is always better than yesterday and worse than tomorrow.

    1. Thank you, and the same too you! Let's not forget to strive to make each day a little bit better than the previous one...


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