Sunday, September 2, 2012

King Louis Bonaparte Day !

Louis Bonaparte and son

Louis Napoléon Bonaparte (September 2, 1778 – 1846) and his second son Napoleon Louis Bonaparte.

Emperor Napoleon made his brother Louis the king of Holland in 1806. But Louis (or Lodewijk, as he start calling himself) took his duties seriously and put Dutch welfare above French interests. Finally Napoleon's army invaded Holland July 1st, 1810.

Louis decided to abdicate in favor of his son. Napoleon Louis 'reigned' as Lodewijk II, King of Holland, for 11 days. On July 13th Holland was annexed by France.

Napoleon Louis died in 1831. His younger brother, Charles Louis-Napoleon, would become Emperor Napoleon III of France.

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  1. Yesterday a French
    King of Holland,

    today a "Hollande"
    President of France...

  2. What a beautiful painting, the colors are fantastic. And thanks for the history lesson as well!

  3. I had read his(Louis Bonaparte) life history in our social science book.But it is about 10 years old.I almost forgot all info about Louis Bonaparte's life.Thanks for sharing to remind me.


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