Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jane Wyman

Jane Wyman (1917-2007), actress & first wife of Ronald Reagan (when he still was a democrat). Photo by George Hurrell.

Jane Wyman's acceptance speech when receiving the Oscar for her role as a deaf-mute in Johnny Belinda (1948) went something like this: "I gratefully accept this award for keeping my mouth shut. I think I'll do it again."

Jane Wyman is to date the only ex-wife of an United States President (Ronald Reagan is the only US President to have been divorced).

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  1. She was very lovely and a good actress too!

  2. This is a stunning photo of such a well known beauty!

  3. Jane Wyman divorced when Reagan was a democrat... Marilyn Monroe suicided... Hillary Clinton tolerating Monica Lewinski...
    I long for seeing Italian "democrats" involved in womens' affairs instead of robbery questions...

  4. loved her and Bing doing the cool, cool, cool of the evening. Here Comes the Bride was the movie, I think. This is a fab photo of her, so young!

  5. I love her old movies. I love those old studio photos that made them look so perfect. Not loving Ronald Reagan quite so much.

  6. I forget that she was so lovely. The speech is brilliant.

  7. Jane was a beauty! Interesting bit of trivia about her being the only ex-wife of a U.S. President. Ronald Reagan is one of my favorite presidents, thanks for sharing this.


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