Saturday, October 13, 2012

Night Stalker (Manambulus Perhorridus)

Night Stalker (Manambulus Perhorridus) (by Dougal Dixon, 1981).

In his excellent book 'After Man - A Zoology of the Future' (1981) the Scottish geologist Dougal Dixon describes how evolution can progress after mankind has disappeared. About 50 million years from now all the large predators and most of the large herbivores died out and the more resilient species expanded into new ecological niches.

On the islands of Indonesia a flightless predator bat has evolved.  He still uses his hind limbs for grasping, but his wings have evolved as legs. Being blind, he uses echolocation to find its prey, therefore his ears and nose flaps have been strongly developed at the expense of his eyes. He is 1.5 meter high ands wanders in groups through the the forests at night. Screaming and yelling they hunt mammals and reptiles, which they attack with their pointy teeth and claws.

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  1. A great photo, this sounds very interesting, thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. That's an image from a bad dream!

  3. Aaagh! Why did I look at this just before going to bed? It's beautifully drawn, but.........


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