Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Waterloo Veteran of the Month: Monsieur Ducel

The Mamluk de la Garde is Monsieur Ducel who took part in battles between 1813 and 1815. 

Napoleon used Mamluks in a number of his campaigns. Napoleon's famous bodyguard Roustan Raza was a Mamluk from Egypt.

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  1. These Mamlucks, in the origin, were Turkisk soldiers at the service of Egyptian chief of state.

    Qot of the theme - but taking advantage of this word - I reveal that in Italian slang there is the funny term "mammalucco" just deriving from Mamluck. Not vulgar, it means "stupid" or, generally, a person acting with slow reflexes.

  2. Hey Rob - thought you might enjoy a look at these photos


  3. What an exquisite looking character! Is there a name for that type of unique turban? I wish I knew the colors in this photo.

  4. I'm not a turban expert ... I would expect bright colors.


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