Monday, November 19, 2012

Gene Tierney Day !

Gene Tierney

Actress Gene Tierney (1920–1991) was born in Brooklyn, NY on November 19, 1920. Her best known role is the enigmatic murder victim in Laura (1944).

During her first film she discovered that her voice was too high and it was suggested that she take up smoking to lower her voice. It worked, but she eventually died of emphysema.

Birth name: Gene Eliza Tierney
Children: Antoinette Daria (1943-2010) and Christina "Tina" (1948-)
Autobiography: "Self Portrait" (1979)
Husbands: fashion designer Oleg Cassini (1941), oil baron W. Howard Lee (1958)
Burial location: Glenwood Cemetery, Houston

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  1. That's what I would call a sick advise!

  2. A real atomic bomb "ante litteram".

  3. She was lovely! Interesting facts you've shared - I forgot she was married to Oleg Cassini. What a shame she was advised to take up smoking. Today the studio would probably hire a voice coach to work with her.

  4. According to Kirk Douglas' autobiography ("The Ragman's Son", 1988) one of Gene's kinks was to make him climb a ladder up to her bedroom window at night and crawl in so she could pretend she didn't know who was "taking" her. I guess Kirk liked it too. They were both role players after all, eh?

    1. I didn't know she 'dated' Kirk (I know about her Kennedy fling). I should have become an actor, what a life...

  5. What a stunningly beautiful woman and actress she was! And extremely kinky by the sounds if, too!

    1. Yip, and I'm a bit surprised by the kinky part. You learn something new every day.


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