Friday, December 7, 2012

After the Breaking of the World

Jesse Van Dijk - After the Breaking of the World (2011)

Dutchmen Jesse Van Dijk lives in Seatle and works for large movie and game studios. His specialism are digital landscapes. Although he considers himself to be a craftsman, his work has articisic values as well.

In this digitally created work the landscape has undergone a recent catastrophic split. Two cities strive to literally overcome this traumatic event. The artist has deliberately chosen to leave the symbolic bridge unfinished.

His work evinces research into historical architecture, technological developments and the geological processes through which landscapes unfold. "I always look for something that could theoretically exist in reality. From my experience, the more you keep achievable possibilities in mind, the more creatively expressive the work becomes. My work allows suspension of disbelief by refusing to engage in the merely nonsensical. If reality is discarded outright, it's all too easy to default to the stylistically obvious. You find yourself going for the visual archetypes, and cliche is just around the corner. I don't want to create cliches."


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  1. This is certainly no cliche! If you enlarge this image, it is just beautiful. There is so much imaginative detail! Thanks for sharing.

  2. An aqueduct like that is in the back side of the banknote of 5 Euro...
    The Greeks hate the arcs, because they had been a new element in the classical architecture made by the Romans...


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