Wednesday, December 19, 2012

blog tip: Hyperlink in Comment

Sometimes you want to include a clickable URL to some fancy website in your comment. How do you do this?

Option 1: learn the code
Most comments allow the use of simple HTML statements. Therefore just type

<a href="URL">DESCRIPTION</a>

URL: the exact URL of the site you are linking to
DESCRIPTION: the name of the link, you can put here anything you want

Option 2: use your test blog
If you are too lazy to remember the code (like me) you can simply use your test blog. Go to this blog and make a new post. Include the link (using the Link button). Click on HTML and copy the code. Go back to the comment and paste the code. Voila.

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  1. Never thought of the test-blog method of html automation! Good tip, that. Mind you, I'm always super-aware that if I see html links in comments, I suspect a spammer's trying to use me for the wrong purposes.

  2. But if You don't want the visitor doesn't abandone at all Your site, the code
    instead of
    a href="URL"
    a href="URL" target="_blank"

    That target="_blank" allows to maintain Your page open.


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