Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cobina Wright

Cobina Wright (1921–2011) was born in New York City. Her mother, also named Cobina Wright, was an opera singer and actress notorious for her social ambition. Her hopes were pinned on her beautiful young daughter, whom she frantically set about grooming for a film career and a spectacular marriage. When her husband complained about what he saw as the “prostitution” of their daughter, his wife promptly divorced him.

By 1938 Cobina Jr was modeling and singing in nightclubs. That summer, on vacation with her mother, she met Prince Philip of Greece (the future husband of Queen Elisabeth). She later recalled that, on seeing the handsome young prince, her mother had “shoved” her into his arms. They both were 17 years old and good looking, and they dated for several weeks in Venice and London. It is said that after her return to the US Philip wrote her several love letters, but she was not interested anymore because she did not want to marry someone chosen for her by her pushy mother.

In 1939 Bob Hope used her as the basis for a spoilt character called Cobina on his radio programme. Her mother filed a suit against him that was settled out of court to everyone's satisfaction, especially to Cobina, who was awarded a permanent spot on the show.

In 1941, by then residing in Beverly Hills, Cobina appeared in a number of films, and she featured on the cover of Life magazine. She married a member of a wealthy automobile family from Pontiac, Michigan. He could not stand Cobina’s mother, and after a series of rows retired his wife from the screen in 1943.

Her husband died in 1968. She spend the last part of her life promoting anti-alcohol programs.

sources: and the daily mirror.

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  1. Lovely photos, I hadn't heard of her before.
    Merry Christmas Rob.

  2. Beautiful woman, I too had never heard of her before. She looks very much like someone else but I can't think who right now. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you (although I have to go work tomorrow), Merry Christmas!


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