Friday, February 8, 2013

Queen Victoria Self-Portrait, 1845

Queen Victoria self-portrait, 1845

In 2011 I showed a self-portrait of princess Victoria, created when she was 16 years old (and still a princess). The sketch above shows her at the age of 25. The portrait was inscribed by Victoria: "Ball dress May 19, 1845".

Colored drawings by Queen Victoria

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  1. She obviously had talent. Also obviously I can't judge the resemblance...

  2. Queen Victoria will be eternal. The largest African lake, a state of Australia, a volcano in New Zealand, a line of the underground in London, a town in Canada, etc.
    In all the world there is her name still echoing.

  3. I admire her honesty in adding the double chin!

  4. I enjoyed seeing Victoria's self-portrait and her other drawings in the link you provided. She was talented and quite accurate in the depictions of herself and family members.

  5. I enjoy Victorian history and seem to be discovering more as I get older. Neat little sketcher she was - and the eye shape is captured very well.


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