Saturday, February 2, 2013

Waterloo Veteran of the Month: Monsieur Dupont

Veteran Pierre Dupont 

Honoré Pierre Dupont who was fourier (quartermaster?) for the 1st Hussar. Here he is standing with a Mameluke sword.

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  1. Your timing in posting this is marvelous. I am currently reading a rather lengthy biography of Napoleon and am just now learning about the Ulm Campaign and Dupont's battle at Albeck. Although he is much older in this photo, it is interesting that he maintained the requisite mustache of the Hussars into his old age.

    1. I can understand that the biography is rather lengthy. Napoleon has led a very interesting life, with positive and negative extremes. Is he an enlightened statesman or a brutal dictator? I still don't know. I won't give away the ending :-) but the Russia campaign is greusome.

  2. So that's why it's curved! A wonderful expression on the veteran's face. I had to study Napoleon when I was fifteen, but my recall of the facts is not so good now. I just remember thinking what a charsimatic leader he must have been.

  3. He looks a staunch and proud man indeed!


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