Friday, March 22, 2013

The World's First Weekly Crossword Puzzle

The world's first weekly crossword puzzle.

Sometimes you don't realize even well known things have a beginning. So I was puzzled when I encountered the first crossword puzzle. This puzzle appeared in the December 21st 1913 edition of the New York World. It was created by Arthur Wynne.

The solution.

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  1. Can we try to solve this crossword here?
    1-32: RULE
    Who's next?

  2. Something I hadn't thought about, but I think I would have expected it to be earlier.

  3. I love the format of it! And I'm stuck on a couple of the clues!!!

  4. You made me remember that when I was a teenager I loved the crosswords indeed. When I did end too early to solve all the games in a weekly magazine, I even had created some :-)
    In the latest years it seems that the sudoku scheme are replacing crosswords as No1, at least here in Italy.

  5. Cool shape for the first crossword puzzle; I like the three or four letter words too. Interesting to see it was called a word-cross puzzle.

  6. Just the sort of timeless content that keeps me exploring robs place :)


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