Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gene Tierney

Gene Eliza Tierney

"With her blue-green eyes, brown hair, prominent cheekbones and what many young men of the 1940′s regarded as the most appealing overbite of the day (Miss Tierney said her movie contract stipulated that her slightly protruding front teeth were never to be fixed)" (NYT obituary)

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  1. It was sad to read of the problems she had later in life with her health, although she overcame
    this well and went on to finish her career in great style and found happiness in her last marriage. She made some great movies and acted with all best movie stars of her time.

  2. I was a man in the 1940's but I don't remember her. Probably because I was 6 when the 1940's came to an end...


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