Thursday, May 16, 2013

Zwolle City Wall

Zwolle (2010 population: 120.000), a former member of the Hanseatic League, has some parts of their city walls beautifully restored. Zwolle is located 50 miles northeast of Amersfoort.

The Sassenpoort (late 14th - early 15th century) (source:albertscorner.web-log)

A piece of restored city wall  

Wijndragerstoren (Wine Carrier Tower) (photo by Michiel Verbeek)

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  1. when you see something like this, you can almost imagine what it must have been like in medieval times.

  2. This is quite the place, still today. What a wonderful place to visit.

  3. I'm often reminded, when reading your blog, of the chaotic nature of European history - also the wonderful variety of architecture.


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