Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Houseplant Asylum

Rachelle Klaassen in her living room / houseplant asylum (photo Julius Schrank)

In Amsterdam-West Rachelle Klaassen has started a houseplant asylum. An animal shelter for plants so to say. She started rescuing dumped plants from garbage piles, but after some postering and thanks to her facebook page people now bring her the plants they want to get rid of. She patches them up and then offers them to the public for adoption for free.

Don't leave your dog plant behind in the woods (photo © Roos Pollmann)

Rachelle Klaassen: "Why trash a plant when it has a shared a room with you for many years?". Two weeks ago a couple living in Zwolle have also started an asylum, and also in Rotterdam a houseplant asylum will open soon.

Houseplant Asylum certificate of adoption

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  1. Houseplant Asylum, great title, great idea!
    It seems the spammers have gone. Did they give up, or did you find a way to stop them.

    1. I excluded anonymous commenters from the recent comments widget at the right side.

    2. I should have realized they wouldn't give up. Thanks for the information, Rob.

  2. Some local guy here makes terrariums which have a few plants in a sealed glass container. I hadn't realized how well tropical plants do in a closed environment, you only need to water them a few times a year. Don't think we have a houseplant asylum yet here though.


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