Monday, September 2, 2013

Damascus City Gates

As an homage to the city of Damascus (Syria) I created a list of the city gates in this ancient town. Most of these gates date back to the Roman period. This info was hard to find.

(hoover with the mouse for more info):

Bab al-Faradis ('Gate of the Paradise') (photo source).

Bab al-Faraj ('Gate of Joy') (photo: Mark T. Lammers).

Bab al-Jabiyah (named after residents of the Jabieh village).

Bab al-Saghir ('Small Gate') (photo: Mark T. Lammers).

Bab al-Salam ('Gate of Peace') (photo: Mark T. Lammers).

Bab Kisan ('Kisan Gate'). The gate is named after a slave who became famous during a conquest by the Muslims. Bab Kisan was the escape route of St Paul (photo: Mark T. Lammers).

Bab Sharqi ('The Eastern Gate') (photo source).

Bab Tuma ('Thomas’s Gate') (photo: Aga Khan Visual Archive, MIT Libraries).

next episode: Salammbô


  1. This is amazing! You are an excellent student of history I think. It reminds us how old Damascus is. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Very appropriate. Well done Rob.

  3. Chapeau! Truly a very impressive article, Rob.

  4. Yes, well researched, Rob. I find these old cities very interesting. A great pity there's so much trouble there. Let's hope it soon gets resolved.

  5. Very interesting, thanks for providing the map. It's heartbreaking watching the news every day.

  6. Unfortunately, maps of another nature are no doubt under study at this very moment. I wasn't aware of all the gates in Damascus though. I didn't get any popups when I moved my mouse over the map, Rob.

    1. Sorry Jonathan, must be a browser issue or something stupid like that.


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