Thursday, May 29, 2014


Bakery 'Den Dubbelden Arend' in 1926 (photo by Blitz en Zn)

The Dutch word 'Theekantje' has completely disappeared. It can be translated as a little ‘tea side’, a cookie served at the side of a tea dish. It was baked at bakery Den Dubbelden Arend (The Double Eagle) in Utrecht (Schoutenstraat 13). The word is visible at the left above the window, spelled 'tekantjes').

'This shop has been started at June 5, 1726' . The double-headed eagle is a common symbol. 

In 1976 the bakery celebrated its 250 year anniversary, but today it houses an antique dealer. The last theekantje was baked and sold in 1989. The front remained unchanged though, so it is probably the only place in the world where the word survives.

The storefront of the former bakery dating back to 1726

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  1. Great photo, I always wish I could step back in time and walk inside the store for a look (and then I would probably find I'd like to step back to the future too ;) ). It sounds like there might be a business opportunity there for an entrepreneurial baker to re-launch the 'theekantje'. I hope the recipe survived.


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