Saturday, June 7, 2014

Amazing Transformation From Speaking To Singing

The amazing speech-to-sound illusion:

First listen to Sound Demo 1. Your brain will interpret it as a melody. Then listen to Sound Demo 2. In the middle of the speech the speaker will appear to burst into a song!

To experience the illusion, play the two recordings in sequence
(demos by Diana Deutsch, UC San Diego).

The speech-to-song illusion reveals that the exact same sequence of sounds can seem either like speech or like music, depending only on whether it has been repeated.


more info:

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  1. That's pretty bizarre Rob. I had to listen to them a couple times to get the effect.

  2. Wow that is pretty bizarre alright. Now if ever I listen to only the second sample I hear that song. I wonder now, if I did not know the "tune" what the second demo would sound like? Very cool!

  3. I understand what I'm meant to hear, but I don't hear it. It must be my old brain. I shall persevere.

    1. Yeah, it is really more of what I would refer to as "talking in a 'sing-song' voice;" at first it sounds like normal speech but when repeated it starts sounding unnaturally melodic.( At least for me anyways...) Hang in there mate - if my brain'll do it you should be optimistic for yourself. ;)

    2. Thanks for the encouragement masodo, but it not happening. I might come back in a few days and have another go.


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