Monday, June 30, 2014

Euclid Avenue, Cleveland

Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio (ca 1911).

Excerpt from a photo found on

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  1. This is a great shot and how cool to share the post with Google street view. What an age we are living in!

    Now this is getting into my neck of the woods :D
    Actually I am in Indianapolis which is a jet-propelled stones throw from Cleveland. This image had me remembering back to several years back when I had the privilege to make contact prints of several hundred glass plate negatives from around this era. The detail captured in those 8" X 10" negatives is unreal, especially when compared to photographs made in our lifetime (35mm, 110, 126, disk even 2-1/4 and digital.) Looking at prints made from those glass plates through a loupe is akin to traveling back in time.

    If you care to have a look at my town growing up I recommend that you visit:

    Indiana Historical Society ==> Photo Studio and Photographer Collections ==> W.H. Bass Photo Co. (multiple categories)

    1. Yes, glass plate negatives can be very detailed indeed. The W.H. Bass photo collection has a lot of interesting pictures, besides the buildings I also like the old cars. Looking at (downtown) Indianapolis by Street View it seems to be a nice clean modern city.

  2. Enjoyed seeing the enlarged vintage image. So many details to pick out. Seems like you could almost "walk" into the picture.

  3. Beautiful old snapshot, I know this place, not so much as it was, but what it is now.


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