Sunday, September 14, 2014

Roman City Wall

(photos by RfA, Rome 2006)

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  1. I was born, I lived and I studied and worked in Rome. I stayed there until 2004. These walls are impressive, but in some points they are truly a hurdle in the daily life of present time.
    One of the reasons because I decided to escape from Rome it was just the traffic: only 2 subways and narrow streets in a city with 2.8 million people, which arrive up to 3.5 if you include commuters, tourists and present people not enrolled.
    The reason is that, after a glorious ancient age, in the Middle Age Rome arrived to be a very small village (once it arrived to have only 17,000 inhabitants) and when it became the new capital of Italy (1871) it grew up without a good plan.
    When I lived in Rome I envied Paris, where in the 19th century they destroyed all the ancient walls and made the "boulevards"...

    1. I noticed there was indeed a lot of traffic in the center. Didn't Mussolini build a 6 lane highway across the Forum?

    2. The "Antifascist Republic of Italy" did close that road to ordinary traffic...
      In the years 1920s-1930s in Rome there were "only" 1,600,000 inhabitants, most of all without a car, as well as in all Europe, at that time.
      Nowadays the time are changed and, in the meantime, in Rome there were 4 "Holy Years", the Olympic Games in 1960 and the World Championship of football in 1990, just to make a list of events which attracted a lot of visitors. But nothing had been made, either to improve the public transports (railways, underground, etc.) , or to make more fluent the private one (parkings, motorways, etc.).
      When I lived in Rome, through 25 years I had to make this road every day. Imagine, about 28 km that in the morning I was accustomed to cover in 2 hours and, to go back home, in about 70 minutes. And I was "lucky", because I had to use only a railway + an underground. I had some colleagues who did spend even 4 hours a day in the public means of transportation, even living more close than me to our office.

    3. Having to drive that route daily looks like a crime indeed. Governments should provide good infrastructure and city planning!


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