Saturday, November 15, 2014

Silent Brass Band

Stille Fanfare (Silent Brass Band) promo (Dutch) 

The ‘Stille Fanfare’ (Silent Brass Band) is a small theatre group from Amersfoort. They look and act like a regular marching brass band, but they never actually use their instruments to play. They enjoy the confusion and disorientation they generate when they walk through the crowds and unexpectedly enter stores. They’ve played all over Europe and last week they even performed in the 95th Veteran’s Day Parade in New York City: link (Dutch/English).

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  1. Having myself played in a marching band, I think it is safe to say we might have been better received had we not taken to actually playing the instruments.
    Nice one, Rob!

  2. A very amusing type of performance art. I played in a marching band in high school for about a month before I quit.


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