Monday, January 5, 2015

Italian Landscape with Umbrella Pines

Hendrik Voogd - Italian Landscape with Umbrella Pines (1807, Rijksmuseum)

Hendrik Voogd (1768-1839) was known as the ‘Dutch Claude’, after the French painter Claude Lorrain, who was famous for his history landscapes bathed in golden light. Voogd painted the gardens of the Villa Borghese in Rome in the late afternoon. The sun casts long shadows, and the trees stand out sharply against the sky. Strolling figures are enjoying the magnificent sunset. In the foreground (in the shadow) an artist is seated against a tree and drawing (source: Rijksmuseum).

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  1. Those are fascinating trees! The entire landscape is so inviting, what a magical place.

  2. This is a great painting - "inviting" and "magical" sums it up nicely, Karen S. :D
    In all my born days I have never known of the Umbrella Pine; what a gorgeous species.
    I will offer "peaceful" and "agreeable" to the adjectives describing this garden view.

  3. Wonderful shadows and colour. I really must visit the Rijksmuseum one day.

  4. I think Hendrik Voogd loved beautiful environment. That's why he painted in the garden and made it more beautiful. I am also like painting. But in my area there is no enough space to do it. Thanks!!


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