Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pet Rabbit Bunny

Looking Into the Past: Thomas Circle, Washington, DC. Photo by Jason Powell. 
For more of these kind of photos see his gallery at Flickr.

Mrs. J.E. Band with pet rabbit, Washington, D.C., 1911 (Harris Ewing Collection). Source: Shorpy.

Washington Post, Oct 31, 1911:

It is the latest fad in the pet line, and its owner, Mrs. J.E. Band, calls it 'Bunny'. It's not a common rabbit; it's an angora, with the most attractive long white hair imaginable.

Mrs. Band is very proud of her pet. She has had Bunny since it was 3 weeks old. She says Bunny is very sagacious. She certainly is as full of little tricks as a dog can be. She protests with funny little grunts - the only sound she is able to make - if she finds that her mistress is going out without her. She wakes people up in the morning when she thinks they have slept long enough of or is tired of her own society. She stands on her hind legs and begs when her mistress or Mr. Band has anything that she wants.

As for Mr. Band, he is a busy man, but does not dare come home in the evening without something in his pocket for Bunny. She expects it, and goes through his pockets looking for it, and he says he can't stand the reproach in her ruby eyes if he has in the press of business forgotten her. He simply has to go out and get something for her ladyship.

Mrs. Band finds Bunny a much more practical pet then either a dog or cat. Landlords don't object, because Bunny makes no noise and never loiters around the halls. Everybody in the big apartment building is interested in the unusual pet and nobody is afraid of it. There is no license to be paid on it.

 (Source: Shorpy).

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  1. Great post! Gotta love that "fluffy" reporting. :D

  2. This was a wonderful story and that is one special and spoiled little bunny, or rather angora! This photo within a photograph is just wonderful too!

  3. What an engaging photograph and report. The Flickr galllery reminds me of Dear Photograph which has always made me think I’d like to re-create a photo in this style.

  4. The top photo is a fascinating experiment with a kind of time travel.


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