Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lady Selina Meade

Lady Selina Meade (April 1819, private collection)

Portrait of Lady Selina Meade, later Countess Clam-Martinic by Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830). Selina Meade (1797-1872) was the second daughter of Richard Meade, 2nd Earl of Clanwilliam. She  married the Austrian General Karl Graf von Clam-Martinic in 1821.

Self-portrait by Thomas Lawrence, 1790s.

Sir Thomas Lawrence painted this portrait of her when he was in Vienna painting portraits of allied leaders (known as the Waterloo Portraits) for the Waterloo Chamber at Windsor Castle. Lawrence described her as "in beauty and interesting character, one of the most distinguished persons in Vienna". She holds a posy in her left hand. In the background at lower right is the Stephansdom in Vienna.

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