Sunday, January 31, 2016

Joan Clarkson

Joan Clarkson, 1920 (National Portrait Gallery, London)

Actress Joan Clarkson (IMDb), who we last encountered in this post. She played in several revues, a.o. 'Cochran's 1930 Revue' by the London theatrical producer Charles Cochran, who called her "his beautiful English rose".

The White Dress - a Portrait of Joan Clarkson, 1935,
by the Hungarian painter Philip de László (1869-1937) (Bridgeman Art Library)

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  1. She was quite beautiful! That first photo is amazing.

  2. A cleverly lit photograph, beautiful.

  3. Both beautiful pictures, but I prefer the arty photorgraph with its clever use of uplighting.

  4. Quite a goddess! That painting is spectacular.

  5. Beautiful photos, she's very lovely and the lighting in the first photo is just genius!


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